The Republic of Indonesia Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Harry Purwanto has expressed the need for Nigeria to begin to look at the possibilities of harnessing other huge opportunities to industrializing the country, saying that there is a lot for Nigeria to grow its economy aside oil.

According to the Ambassador, who gave the advice at the opening ceremony of a business meeting of Indonesia Solo Exhibition in Lagos, Nigeria is hugely blessed with several other dependable natural resources aside oil and it is high time Nigeria diversify from oil.

Ambassador Purwanto also told the meeting that it is interesting to know that President Buhari has put in plan to place Nigeria on the right direction and with globalisation, every country needed to do the imperatives to growing their economies.

Intimating further, he said that both Nigeria and Indonesia share similar proximities, stressing that, “Indonesia has achieved in industrialising itself and we want to share with Nigeria our experiences.”

Notably, he pointed out that although, no nation can be self-sufficient, it is imperative for countries to often work hand in hand to finding solutions to building one another.

However, the meeting was introduced to various existing business and investment opportunities that are bound in Indonesia, while listing other possible areas of business to include agriculture, mining, power generation and distribution, manufacturing and ship building.

According to Ambassador Purwanto, it is important for Nigerians to know that Indonesia is known by good quality products and hold highly the bi-trade relations shared with Nigeria, adding that most of goods like garments, soap, medicine and others being consumed in Nigeria and Europe are from Indonesia.

Also speaking at the business meeting, the Director, Indonesian Trade Promotion Centre, Lagos, Mr. Nino Setiawan, said that the exhibition was a reminder of the existing bilateral ties between his country and Nigeria.

He stressed that the two countries trade relations are becoming stronger as days go by, while promising to remain committed towards ensuring that Nigerians who are interested in investing and or doing business with Indonesians enjoy the best of the Trade Center’s assistance.

“Based on our two countries growing trade partnership, I am certain to say that the Indonesian Ministry of Trade and Industry will continue to contribute to the development of Nigeria’s non-oil and gas sector, as well as provide assistance to a number of Nigerians interested in any trade partnership with Indonesian companies”, the Trade Director added.
(Vanguard Newspaper)