IMG_3143The meeting of ASEAN Trade Offices in Nigeria was held in the Indonesian Embassy / Indonesian Trade Promotion Center (ITPC) Office in Lagos on 17 November 2017. The meeting was chaired by the Director of ITPC Mr. Nino Wawan Setiawan.

The attendances were:

  • Nino Wawan Setiawan from ITPC Lagos
  • Simon Tumanggor from ITPC Lagos
  • D. Widinugraha from Embassy of Indonesia
  • Mohd Khairy Maidih from Malaysia Trade Office in Lagos
  • Hoang Tuan Viet from Vietnam Trade Office in Lagos
  • Tram Trong Kim from Vietnam Trade Office in Lagos

The meeting discussed the possible a joint hosting of Asean trade related events.. Viet of Vietnam proposed the following events:. Business Forum, Field trips to the business site, Collective Participation in various exhibition in Nigeria, Khairy of Malaysia proposed that the members of ASEAN should focus on one program first., Nino of Indonesia proposed that ASEAN members could join Indonesia on its annual Solo Exhibition., The meeting accepted the Indonesian proposal for the joint ASEAN Solo Exhibition, which is tentatively set at the first week of May 2018 for two or three-day event at the Landmark conference building Lagos.

The meeting agreed to invite all other ASEAN member countries Representative in Nigeria for the joint program.Given the nature of ASEAN Community in Abuja (ACA)’s rotational chairman, the meeting agreed that Mr. Nino will chair the proposed joint program until December 2017 and will be succeeded by Mr. Khairy from January to June 2018.

  • The meeting agreed to have Indonesia prepared the minute of meeting.
  • The meeting agreed to send the minute of meeting to the current chairman of ACA Indonesian Ambassador H.E. Harry Purwanto for further discussion among ACA’s members.
  • The meeting acknowledged that corporation was indeed needed among Asian countries to promote business relations between the Asian countries and Nigeria.
  • The meeting agreed that each member should identify proposed business sectors for the field trip.
  • The meeting agreed that expenses of planning for every program would be proportionally shared between members.
  • The meeting agreed that the date of the next meeting will be held in convenience time for members.
  • The meeting agreed that there would be farewell occasion among trade offices’ officials for Mr. Nino’s end of assignment at the end of 2017.